About iFlask

How the idea came up?

While in college we had countless friends get open container tickets during tailgates or complained about paying too much for drinks at concerts and sporting events. Plus, carrying around a standard flask makes you look like a weirdo! We knew there had to be a better way to discreetly bring the joy of throwing one back with your friends to countless events worldwide...Thus the iFlask was born! 


How many ounces/shots does it hold?

The iFlask holds about 4-5oz ~ 4 Shots. 

What is the iFlask made out of and will it be sturdy?

Our iFlask is made out of Polyethylene and Polycarbonate. This plastic is very smooth and extremely sturdy and will withstand just about anything besides Rebecca Black's singing. Its light weight and also very safe and toxic free. The lid and bottle opener are made out of stainless steel which makes it very sturdy and look super trendy. Thus giving it that extra 'cool' factor.

Why the iFlask?

Well first its super cool, Duh!! But it’s a great conversation starter. Its super discrete, and it will make you the talk of the town :)… The iFlask makes it just that much more nonchalant so you can walk around not looking like THAT guy. 


What the iFlask can do for you?

  • SAVE you a lot of money at sporting events, concerts, bars, and more
  • Conversations starter ( Warning: You may attract a lot of babes with the iFlask)
  • Convenient bottle opener 
  • No longer have to deal with the original flask cap and having to worry about losing it (now with a new innovative open/close switch that keeps the liquid in and always has that perfect pour!)
  • No more open container violations!
  • Perfect for festivals and raves - Its been tested :)

Where can you use the iFlask?

  • Class 
  • Sporting events
  • Tailgates
  • Baby Showers
  • Bars (Hate losing your buzz before you even get to the bar? Not a problem anymore) 
  • Music venues- Sick and tired of having to go back to your car to put back something that they don’t allow in? With the iFlask, you don’t have to worry about this. Plus you save dolla dolla bills yo.

How did you make iFlask?

Well, you may think making something like this is as easy as Sunday morning , but it actually took a lot of time to design and get the right specifications in place. Once we had our initial design we had to make our product in SolidWorks to get a solid 3D designed model. Once we had this design we had to take it to a prototyping shop to get the initial product made. Then we had to work out the kinks and got to what we have today. It was an awesome experience and we are glad what came out of it. Once there we got together a film crew and the rest is in the history books.

About the Founders?

Both Ethan and Dan go back years and years. They have known each other since 4th grade. Both graduated from the Kelley School of Business at Indiana University in 2011. Prior to inventing iFlask Daniel founded Elekteks Inc which produced over $2 million in revenues on 2011. He is also the founder of FAF magazine (Fafmag.com) and MobileXlabs.com which is a mobile application development platform for brands. Ethan currently works in the hospitatility industry and works for one of the largest hotel chains in the world. Both are very driven, logical, and entrepreneurial individuals and have taken all steps necessary to make sure that the iFlask will live up to the hype and meets the expectations for all Kickstarter backers.

A very big thank you from the iFlask team for helping us get on our way to bringing the iFlask nationwide!


Be the first customers out there to have the newest , trendiest, most talked about, exclusive, and discrete flask on the market! Flask on bro...Flask on.

Quick FAQ:

Is it safe to drink out of?

Yes, iFlask is made out of the same sort of plastic everyday plastic bottles are made out of - Just a lot sturdier and more protective.

How much liquid does it hold?

Nearly 5oz or 5 - 1oz shots! 

What colors are there?

Black is the only one we currently offer

Do you offer returns?

Please contact us at sup@goiflask.com for any issues regarding returns.

Have you filed a trademark for iFlask?

Yes we have

Skim or 2%?

2%, anything else just doesn't feel right

You guys seem really cool -  do you have girlfriends? 

After showing up to different venues with the iFlask we have not been able to keep the ladies off of us. So guess it depends who is asking :)


iFlask does not promote or condone the use of alcohol for anyone under the age of 21. We are not responsible for the way you use iFlask. iFlask is intended to serve as a container to trasport all sorts of liquids and is not nor does it claim to be a smartphone or any other sort of electronic device. iFlask is not associated with any other brands or products. iFlask is property of Weku Group LLC. By buying an iFlask you agree to these terms set forth by Weku Group LLC.